Last winter, Spencer O'Brien solidified her transition into the backcountry. She rode with authority, confidently stepping to big mountain terrain and freestyle features alike, and her competition honed grace on a snowboard gleamed. As Spencer immersed herself in raw places within Squamish and Lil'wat Territory, she found energy that empowered her to discover her Haida and Kwakwakaʼwakw heritage. Snowboarding became a way to connect with her ancestry, a jumping off point for personal decolonization. Spencer shared her journey towards reclaiming her Indigenous identity in several projects this year, most notably with Precious Leader Women. Here, she shares her snowboarding– this is ‘Ma̱lx̱tłu’g̱a, Spencer O'Brien's Winter '21 Full Part.

From Spencer: 2x World Champion and Olympian, Spencer O'Brien, leaves the bib behind and ventures into the backcountry. Along the way she reconnects to her Haida and Kwakwakaʼwakw roots. Filmed and edited by Leo Hoorn on location in Whistler, Pemberton, Alert Bay and Haida Gwaii, BC. Learn more about Spencer's journey in the Telus Originals documentary 'Precious Leader Woman' directed by Cassie De Colling and produced by Kiddo Films.

Directed by Leo Hoorn
Produced by Spencer O'Brien
Edited by Leo Hoorn
Footage Courtesy of Kiddo Films
Filming by Leo Hoorn, Ryan Kenny, Jeff Keenan, Vanessa Chan
Raphael Boudreault-Simard 
Music Supervision by Florent Chronie-De Maria / mdnght.com 

“Opening” written by G. De Maria
Performed by Midnight
“Aurora” performed by Zero 7 feat. José González
3:00” performed by Danger

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