“We wanted to take a moment to congratulate Mary Rand on her 10,000 hours of snowboarding. They say that’s how long it takes to become proficient at your craft, trade, or activity, and Mary definitely hit the mark at some point at the end of January. 

From ruling the resort and carving out her place in the streets, to a more recent, sincere love for deeper marine snowpack, Mary has an evolving passion for snowboarding and pragmatically approaches all it has to offer with a beginner’s mind. She’s a sponge, understanding the process and tailoring her skill set to the obstacle in front of her, which brings her to an enlightened state of snowboarding. 

Part of being “pro” is playing the game. Showing up with a shovel in your hands, pulling the bungee, holding the camera, long hikes in and out, multiple-day builds, taking a hipper on some stairs and tomahawking down the whole face; there’s no such thing as free lunch and the clips don’t just magically appear. Mary has taken her time, developing her riding style and while her terrain focus shifts to a bigger mountain, broad sweeping appeal her work ethic remains. Committed, humble and talented with her eyes on the horizon. Most importantly, she’s got a smile on her face. 

Next time you run into Mary Rand (likely at the White Salmon Lodge, or at the trailhead) shake her hand or give her a hug and congratulate her for us on being a pro for Arbor Snowboards.”

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