MICRODOSE Brighton Resort | Episode 3

Class is in session as Absinthe Films expands on the history of Brighton Resort. Get on the bus and enjoy the ride.

Welcome to MICRODOSE, the new episodic series from Absinthe Films dedicated to the art and culture of snowboarding. In MICRODOSE: Brighton Episode 03, we talk with a busload of Utah riders past and present about what it is that makes Brighton Resort so special. Join us as we celebrate Brighton and share a blizzard of on-camera interviews, vintage photos, and snowboarding footage from the archives of Absinthe Films, Mack Dawg Productions, and Mindset Imagery.

Featuring: Benny Pellegrino, Tonino Copene, Tim Ostler, Josh Roberts, Andy Wright, Brandon Ruff, Jared Winkler, Dave Downing, Mike McEntire, Ingemar Backman, Bryan Iguchi, Jeremy Jones, Dave Lee, Mitch Nelson, Richard Cheski, Rob Mathis, Jared Eberhardt, Shane Charlebois, Jeff Curtes, Tina Basich, Shane Charlebois and Justin Hostynek.

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