MICRODOSE Brighton Resort | Episode 4

Dive deeper into the legendary Brighton resort with some heavy-hitting locals who are still making their mark in snowboarding today. 

In MICRODOSE: Brighton Episode 04, we talk with JP Walker and Jeremy Jones to learn how the terrain and many talented riders at Brighton informed their early perspectives on snowboarding (shoutout Jason Brown!). As well, we pay homage to Dave Farmer, the mountain man responsible for running Brighton’s chairlifts and ushering generations of young riders into the great outdoors.

This episode features additional interviews with Brighton locals Jared Eberhardt, Brandon Ruff, Tim Ostler, Seth Huot, Mitch Nelson, and Brandon Bybee, as well as vintage photos and snowboarding footage from the archives of Absinthe Films, Kingpin Productions, Fall Line Films, and Mindset Imagery.

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