Stop 2 of the Natural Selection Tour was captured earlier this month as the top Canadian riders descended on Baldface’s new tenure in the Valhalla ranges. Each athlete was tasked to deliver an overall action edit and a single top-to-bottom run during the March 1 – 7 window.

The 80-minute show captures the riders from terrain selection, through pushing the boundaries of big mountain freestyle riding in a single showcase line. So who came out on top and punched their ticket to the championship in AK you ask?

Tune in here or at Red Bull TV on March 21st @ 1pm PST to find out!

Featuring: Beau Bishop, Dustin Craven, Craig McMorris, Spencer O’Brien, Leanne Pelosi, Chris Rasman, Mikey Rencz, Marie-France Roy, Mark Sollors and Robin Van Gyn

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