NEEDED YOU | Dustbox

'NEEDED YOU' marks five years steady releasing videos for Dustbox. They've established themselves as one of the most highly-regarded crews out, and for good reason. The latest video is no exception. The classic crew all come together and film outstanding clips, as expected, alongside the refreshing presence of Aito and Kaishu. Notable cameos from friends such as Jed and Parker further add something valuable to the mix. Watch the full video now: 

Edited by: Cooper Whittier & Nate Hanson 

Documented by: Nate Hanson, Morgan Jennings, and Cooper Whittier

Featuring: Cooper Whittier, Noah Lugh Brown, Tommy Towns, Jed Anderson, Parker Szumowski, Reid Smith, Justin Phipps, Robby Meehan, Ryan Collins, Cody Warble, Jonas Harris, Dan McGonagle, Noah Peterson, Brett Kulas, Aito Ito, and Kaishu Hariano 


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