Note from the Neighbour | Corruption DVC

The mid-Feburary release from emerging Edmonton-based crew Corruption DVC is a pleasant mid-winter watch. Long after the video-saturated fall season has came to pass, it's a nice surprise to see new clips still dropping, albeit at a more of a manageable pace. "Note from the Neighbour" showcases a mix of spots, mainly located in the capital of Alberta, from big new wooden kink rails, to a fun D.I.Y set-up, and more. 

Supported by: Soft Gallery Edmonton

Featuring: Jeremy Toews, Carter Kaemingh, Steven Hoeksema, Nathan Roy, Ryley Gramatovich, Andrew Munro, Ian Scherrer, George Malcom, Peter Comstock, William Fraser, and Dave Rouleau

Edited and Filmed by: Steven Hoeksema and Carter Kaemingh

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