'orange things' | A Short Film by K2 Snowboarding

Start the year off right, and get into the latest short film from K2 Snowboarding. 'orange things', masterfully created by Seamus Foster, started off with a couple clips in Salt Lake City, Utah, before the desire to hit the road became uncontrollable, and the crew schemed their next trip. This time, they found themselves en route to Muroran, Japan. Team riders Justin Phipps, Mark Wilson, Antti Jussila, and Jake Kuzyk met up with Aito Ito in this port city in the south of the island of Hokkaidõ to explore what this beautiful city had to offer.

The city of Muroran overlooks the Uchiura Bay - home to whales, dolphins, the Mt. Komagatake volcano. With a metro population hovering around 100,000 people, the city of Muroran and it’s surrounding villages is packed full unique terrain, with lovely looking spots nestled within the hills. Check the entire thing below!

Film/Edit: Seamus Foster

Photography: Marc O'Malley

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