The second instalment of Salomon Snowboards' Patches is live! This one focuses on Louif Paradis as he explores Quebec over a winter spent entirely at home. From backyard sessions to entirely new spots, this edit shows us once again that Louif sees things differently.

From Louif: A winter spent entirely at home, in Quebec is something I hadn’t done in over 15+ years. Normally I go somewhere new every other week, chasing dream spots and ideal conditions all around the world. This year was different on so many levels. We were constrained to reinvent our surroundings, to look for hidden corners we had missed in the past, and revisit some of the classics that we thought we were done with. It also pushed us to enjoy every little moment spent on and off the board. This video shows what has kept me sane and happy during the the past 12 months, friends, family, and playing with gravity.

Supported by Salomon, Dakine and Homies Boardshop. Video by Anthony Drolet, Additional 16mm by Jon Stark, Additional filming by Phil Jacques.

Featuring the riding of Louis-Félix Paradis, Youri Desjardins Cloutier, Frank April, Phil Jacques. Photography by Joseph Roby.

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