These guys did great, and nothing beats a Canadian homie video. We caught up with Corey Kowalski to talk about the season.

This was our first winter with loose COVID restrictions. How did that feel? 

It was great that COVID restrictions loosened up. We were able to fly out east easily which was incredibly helpful because the cities in our area of BC do not get as much snow. The ironic part of travelling out there was that the restrictions were way worse. When we arrived in Quebec, they had a curfew enforced from 10 pm to 5 am, so we had to be aware of that. It was chill, though. It just added to the experience.

Kyky, Roof Drop [o] ECS

How do you end up getting such an array of humans to film each year?  

When we are filming for a new project, we just end up linking up with new great people – it just sort of happens. Not everyone can join all the trips we do in a season, but when we pick a destination to travel to, there are always friends around the new destination stoked to join the sessions.

Do you got any funny stories from the making of this flick?

On January 27th, 2022, Ottawa got a record snowfall of 48cms in a day. After attempting some high kick-out spots downtown, we ended up at a classic spot where a gentleman approached us in the parking lot and asked what we were doing. We told him, thinking maybe he would complain or try to ask us to leave but to our surprise, he was out taking photos for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. He told us he has been out for hours taking photos of cars being stuck in the snow and wanted to shine some light on some people enjoying the new snowfall.  Mike got a photo used with a boardslide

Jesse, 50-50 [o] ECS

What is something you're the most excited about for this project?

I think the most exciting part of this project is being able to share it with everyone.  Sharing something you love doing with others is just an incredible feeling.  A lot of time and energy goes into video projects, but it always feels special to watch people express themselves on a snowboard which makes all the hard work worth it.

Corey, Front Board [o] Dominic Tessier 

Featuring: Jordan Bell, Mike Rowan, Corey Kowalski, Andrew Geeves, Pat Hrivnak, ECS, Jessie Broster, James Senger, Jamieson Yee, Meghan McCallum, Kylan Verhaeghe, Dominic Tessier.

Supported by: Freeride Boardshop, Arbor Snowboards, CG Habitats, 686, Salmon Arms

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