Rated R | Ride Snowboards

The latest full-length from Ride Snowboards 'Rated R' is finally here! Their all-star team really showed up for this one. No one lacked when it came to getting down to business this past winter, alongside some notable clips from Pittsburg the year prior. The younger generation of the Ride team such as Savannah, Reid, and Krugmire made it known why they're in the mix, and then the rest of the team solidified themselves as forces to be reckoned with. The Calgary flame himself, Jed Anderson, burns as brightly as ever. 

Of course, Durham worked his magic with this one - no surprises there! 

Featuring: Savannah Shinske, Jed Anderson, Spencer Schubert, Jacob Krugmire, Dan Liedahl, Jill Perkins, Cole Navin, and Reid Smith.

Produced by: Torment Media

Directed by: Jake Durham

Art Direction: Cole Navin

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