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Cam is a young ripper from Ontario, who is now riding on the Canadian National Team for slopestyle and big air. Growing up riding with Cam, he has always had a solid love for snowboarding. No matter what the situation, he always wanted to ride, whether on the hill, on the rails in his backyard, or even down the side of the road. I have known since we were kids that Cam would make it this far in, and I’m excited to see what he can bring in the future. 

By Liam Brearley | Photos Ben Girardi
Age: 18 
Place: Havlock, Ontario
Sponsors: Oakley, K2


Growing up in rural Ontario, did you ever think you’d be competing all over the world?

I knew it was possible, but it seemed so far away back then. After seeing the success that Mikey Ciccarelli and Tyler Nicholson had, it inspired me to follow in their footsteps. 

How did starting in Ontario help or hinder your riding?

It definitely helped starting in Ontario because we didn’t have the same quality of parks, and when we traveled to places like Whistler it was much easier and safer to learn new tricks. 

What was the last change you made to your setup and why?

I moved my stance inward one inch because it was feeling a bit too wide. 

What is your favourite country based on the food, and what is your diet like when snowboarding?

Italy is definitely my favourite country for food because everything just tastes better there, but normally I eat a lot of bread, chicken, and pasta with a healthy amount of chocolate as well. 

Worst lost baggage story?

At World Champs in Georgia last year. The airline lost my bag after a 35-hour travel day, and I had to borrow gear for all of practice. It was tough because it was the biggest event of the year, and I couldn’t ride my own stuff. 

What is the scariest trick you’ve learnt?

Probably cab triple 14 in Finland last year. I haven’t done any other triple cork frontside or cab and coming into the landing blind after three flips is definitely scary. 


Sunset session backside 5, Whistler Blackcomb, BC.


Pow, or fresh corduroy in the park?

I think pow because we almost never get pow days, and there isn’t anything much better than riding pow with the homies. 

How do you mentally prepare yourself for bigger contests like World Cups?

I just try to have as much fun as possible. I ride my best when I’m just having fun with friends, and it takes my mind off of the intensity of the moment. 

Frontside or backside?

Frontside for feel-good tricks, but backside for higher rotations. 

What is the best coaching advice you have ever received and from who?

"Piss over the fence." —Sam Marcotte. This was his analogy to help keep your pelvis tilted upward to prevent you from breaking at the waist on take-offs. It helps with better snap and less drift. 

Do you listen to music when you ride, and what is your go-to comp song?

I listen to music every time I ride, no matter what. It helps me focus on only snowboarding and drown out any distractions. Go-to competition song I think would be "Glock in my Lap" 21 Savage. 

In the future, will you branch out into other aspects of snowboarding or stick with park riding?

I definitely want to branch out. I love riding parks right now, but in the future, I would like to film some backcountry and street. I want to be the best all-around snowboarder I can be. 

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