RIDE Snowboards has been embedded in the culture since its infancy. With rave reviews, this full-length documentary about one of snowboarding's most influential brands is sure to hit. Don't miss this one.

RIDE Snowboards is proud to present Rough Around the Edges: 30 Years of RIDE Snowboards. This full-length documentary highlights some of the ups and downs of one of snowboarding's most prominent brands through in-depth interviews from dozens of current and former employees and athletes. A project over two years in the making, RIDE contracted Homestead Creative to dig into the storied history of the brand. Featuring over 50 in-depth interviews with past and present RIDE team riders, employees and snowboard industry luminaries, this film chronicles many of the stories that have kept the brand alive and well for three decades. From going public on the NASDAQ in the mid-90s during snowboarding’s historic introduction to mainstream culture and an acquisition that kept them from going under to the signing of the original team in 1992 and the legendary teams and products that followed, Rough Around The Edges: 30 Years of RIDE Snowboards is a story for the people…told by the people who lived it.

Directors: John Cavan & Tom Monterosso

Executive Producers: Jim Linnberg & Tanner McCarty

Producers: Ryan Runke & Aaron Blatt

Art Direction: Joel Brinson & Erik Van Hauer / Noct Bureau

Filmed and Edited: John Cavan

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