From Quebec to Hokkaido, Louif Paradis' snowboarding unlocks new potential. As he continues to blend urban and powder riding, Louif brings life to whatever spot he sets his sights on. Artful, unmistakable style is on full display in this one.

From Torment: Running Perennial, a short documentary expanding upon Louif Paradis’ creative direction of exploring the murky unknown. Along with Phil Jacques, Toni Kerkala, and Mark Wilson, Lou exhibits patience and finesse through the thicket of Hokkaido and the rusty drain pipes of Quebec City in the advancement of the snowboarding arts.

Starring Louif Paradis, Toni Kerkala, Mark Wilson, and Phil Jacques Directed by Jon Stark

Filmed by Jon Stark, and Ian Boll

Additional filming by Anthony Drolet

Thumbnail photo by Julien Perly

Supported by Salomon Snowboards & Dakine

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