We caught up with Ryan Paterson, as he lay in bed in his quiet Squamish home, to talk about his part this year. The outcome was as follows:

What were the highlights of your year?

Oh man, I think the best thing was that we were actually the first crew to hit the Baker road gap this year.

Dope. How did that feel?

Suuuper sick. I hit it a few years ago and I ended up landing a back one, but the shot ended up getting damaged or deleted or something. So it felt sick to go back. We got first build, I got first hit, and I landed it first try. It was kinda like a redemption. 

Is that the shot you are the most stoked on, then? 

I’m pretty stoked on that shot for sure. First track is always a sick one. But another shot I really like is the ender which is another Baker road gap that I didn't even know existed. That jump is really scary. Definitely some of the most airtime I've had in the backcountry to a pretty gnarly landing. 

What was your biggest issue this year?

Sled problems! [laughs] I had one that I was trying to sell, but then I cracked the heat exchanger when I was trying to test it. Then I bought a used Ski-Doo, but that thing ended up having all sorts of problems. I pretty much ran two sleds all of last year. It was kinda like one would work and then one would break. It was super frustrating. Shout out to Tyler Morton and Justin Kious, and Keenan Filmer for putting up with me last year. But other then sled issues, the winter was pretty sick. 

What are you the most stoked on for next year?

Oh man, I’d be really hyped just on some more normal costa weather. Last year was a little wild with its Arctic Outflows. 

What’s an arctic outflow?

They are these weird systems that come in from the north that basically bring in a lot of high pressure and heavy winds. You’ll be stoked on a storm the night before, but then you’ll get out there and everything will be wind fucked. 

What aspect of snowboarding are you working on the most? 

I am a big fan of hitting jumps and stuff, but I think I am working on getting more proficient riding big mountain. That’s where I would eventually like to take my snowboarding. The big mountain stuff is just more sustainable for your body.

Yeah, unless it gets too gnarly and you flop.

Yeah, but there's nothing better than ripping away from a big line and just hullin' ass. I wish I could have done more of that last year, so hopefully thins year it will be a reality.

[o] Brad Andrew / @686 

Who do you look up to in snowboarding right now and why?

I dunno, I look to look up to the locals. You see them out, you see what they are doing. I just saw the Powder Hounds movie. Mikkel Bang has always been one of my favourite riders, but also the Manboys are obviously crushers, and they're super nice, too.

Werd. I can get behind that. Where did you get that headboard from?

I dunno, my girlfriend got it from somewhere. 


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