The yearly pilgrimage from North of the 49th down to the serene Mt. Hood national forest is a tale as old as time – we grew up on slushy mini-pipe photos and footage of people flying off jumps coated with a healthy layer of dirt. It’s only natural to follow our inspiration and get in the mix. 

First and foremost, Gab Belanger of NBP Sales Agency brought down a small-yet-epic roster of Salomon riders from Quebec, and they filmed one smooth edit. "NBP Team Vacation 2023", a video created by Zack Boulet, features Westley Willyam, David Tourigny, and Phil Couture. Before we get into some measly photos, throw this sucker on and relive the glory days of summer recaps. Nice work, fellas.

It’s worth mentioning that the first thing Westley and Dave did upon arriving in the states is hit a nice river spot and tape 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor to their hands. The next day was a weather day, so the lifts were closed, but that didn’t stop the Quebec contingent from hiking up and getting after it – with tape residue still on their palms. Talk about determination. 

All in all, we had an epic crew up there. Canadians, Americans, Finns, Germans, Italians, and Swiss - there was a nice mixed bag of people flyin' the Salomon flag. That being said, with a crew so deep, you simply can't do everything with everybody, all at once. We had to be tactical. You find yourself with a slightly different crew on any given day, a unit of whomever is on the same frequency. 

Starting things off at The Courts in Portland. Place rules. We met up with Mike Modesti who served as our singular non-Salomon comrade for the week.

Then we went swimming! There were signs that said no swimming, but we did anyways, and we didn’t get any dangerous infections – yet. Seb, Mike, and Gian, taking it all in.

We went to Güero for dinner. They claim “no.1 tortas” and I think they’re right. Lou and Harrison preparing to fuel up. 

Mike, Harrison, Louif, and Gian firing up the ebikes. This is the calm before the storm.

We encountered some technical difficulties.

The next day we made the trek up to our Airbnb, which had a couple of the most important bases covered; a well-stocked fridge, and close to a swimming spot.  

Marco Morandi snagged this backside 180 flick, along with the following images. 

Classic Tommy Gesme steelo.

Harrison Gordon flies through the air with Goop (Luke Lund) hot on his heels. 

If you can’t recognize this boarder, please close your computer and take a few minutes to dwell on that. 

Emma Crosby big dogging this piece. I’m going to go ahead and give her MVP of the week.

And we're back in the lot. Quebec crew Phil Couture, Will Pettinati, David Tourigny, and Westley Willyam with proper lot chiller form. 

More lot lurking. Tommy and Lou.

Off hill, we had our hands full with activities at High Cascade. Dodgeball is always a highlight. On the left, Riley Nickerson with his best “can you believe this shit?” face. On the right, we have the team eagerly awaiting to film someone getting beamed in the face.

Harrison, giddy with excitement, most likely shortly after the above-mentioned headshot became reality.

It's only fair to wrap up our final night together with a low-light game of Muff - the Mt. Hood recreational game of choice. 

Mandatory day on the coast. 

You never know what’ll turn up on the beach. On the left, a snackish Kennedi Deck. On the right, Annika Morgan with a fallen soldier.

That's all we got. Only 345 days until we run it back.

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