SCREAMING ABOUT NOTHING is a short film following a group of boarders through the streets of Ontario, Canada.

Featuring riding from Alex Kyle, Chris Fellner, Hayden Edwards, and Zach Moorcroft.

Supported by:  Ride Snowboards, K2 Snowboards, VANS, Dope Industries, The Boardshop London, Sanction Boardshop, So Hip Toronto, and Boardwalk Sales

Music composed by Chris Fellner

Video production by Alex Kyle

The project came about super organically, our crew has been riding together at different resorts around Ontario for the past few years. (Chris Fellner, Hayden Edwards, Zach Moorcroft, and Alex Kyle) Chris bought a Panasonic HVX a while back and then I ended up buying a second one on eBay so we could get two angles. 

We rolled into that winter thinking we would shoot some spots here and there but had no idea that Covid would shut down all the ski resorts in Ontario for the season. We set out on a few trips riding around Owen Sound, Penetanguishene, Toronto, and London. The snow conditions weren’t the best in Ontario but we made do with the snow we had. 

Chris and I spent a few days this summer putting together the footage and getting some inspiration for the editing. Chris ended up composing all the music for it on his own, and I think that made the project stand out. 

        Huge thanks to the K2/Ride regional rep Stu Long for being a massive support throughout the project! We would also like to thank Dallas Ianni from The Boardshop London, Malcolm at Sanction, and Stu Cameron from So Hip Toronto.

-Alex Kyle

 When it came to the music for the project, we had a few songs in mind that we threw into the timeline, but they weren’t meshing well with our footage. I had the idea in the back of my head to score the project myself, but I wasn’t totally sure I could pull it off.

Once Alex and I got together and really started editing the final draft, I set up my studio beside him and just started making stuff that I thought would fit. I’m really stoked about how it all came together, I think each segment of the video tells a different story, and the songs help set the mood for each part. 

I’ve been into music for a long time but able to solely produce my own music for almost 2 years. The learning curve was huge, but eventually, the time came to stop relying on other people to produce for me. So, after hundreds of Youtube tutorials, here we are. Music is similar to snowboarding for me in the way that it consumes me. Working on a musical project for hours can be equally as tedious and frustrating as trying a trick at a spot. Feels good to have that same passion transferred to music. It’s been nice finding something else that I care about as much as I’ve always cared about snowboarding.

-Chris Fellner
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