Boardslide, Quebec City, QC. [•] Joseph Roby

"I’ve been dreaming about hitting this rail since the day they built it. Last season, with Covid restrictions, it was our only chance to make it work. It’s located at the biggest and busiest shopping mall in Quebec City. But the parking lot was empty because everything was shut down. We also had an 8 p.m. curfew in Quebec, making it impossible to shovel the night before. Still, all the stars aligned that day. Mammouth Durette, Phil Jacques, Joseph Roby, Anthony Drolet and Youri Desjardins were all there to make it happen. We used Phil’s dropping ramp, but after riding down the last part of the stairs, my board was completely fucked. I was lucky that the homies were there to help with the “bro tow” after that one. The bust situation was a real pain in the ass. The whole vibe was stressful because we knew we didn’t have much time to get what we wanted. Joseph was multitasking the whole time. He was in a Zoom meeting, taking photos, and negotiating with the security guard all at the same time. We left the spot and he wasn’t even sure if he had a photo. I wish I could have tried another trick, but I’m hyped on how the image and the clip turned out. You can really see how tall the rail is. I like the early morning light and the colours, and that the parking is fully empty compared to what it usually is."–Seb Picard
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