Shadowboxing | Short Film

Shadowboxing is a short film from some friends out in Calgary, Alberta. A hub for filming street snowboarding, this video differs from recent videos out of this region in that the riders don't seem to be trying to kill themselves jumping down some twisted steel - something that we can appreciate! It is clear that the inspiration is drawn from old snowboard production crews like Think Thank, which a special traffic cone tribute section. Shadowboxing is about being your own worst enemy, sometimes knocking yourself out - this video serves as a reminder to not take yourself to seriously, to go easy on yourself, and to enjoy snowboarding regardless of what feature lays ahead. 

Featuring: William Fraser, Mark Goodall, Stefan 'Taco' Alvarez, Steven Hoeksema, Carter Kaemingh, Kayla Dedir, and Kurtis Rothecker

Graphic Design: Amanda Chwelos

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Supported by: Capita Snowboards, Vans, Union Bindings, and Salmon Arms

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