Slivers Trailer | Wasted Youth

We're proud to share the trailer for 'Slivers', a new full-backcountry offering from Revelstoke-based crew Wasted Youth. This crew has refined themselves over the years without losing touch with their rough-around-the-edges roots. Big lines, healthy pillow stacks, early mornings, and long days - hit the throttle, this one's looking fired up. 

Full video coming to on October 28th, 2023.

Featuring: Taylor “TR” Roberts, Sean Barrett, Keith Martin, James “Dozer” Coombs, Jesse Smith, Antoine Tremblay,  Chris “Blood” Curran, Beniot Pageau, Seb Grondin, and friends.

Film: Wasted Youth, Evan Lavallee, and Tristan Miller

Edit: Sean Barrett. Taylor Roberts, Ty Spooner, and Wasted Youth

Colour/Sound: Ty Spooner

Photography: Olly Hogan and Dan Stewart

Supported by Nitro, L1, Dinosaurs Will Die, Union, Autumn, and Society Skate & Snow

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