We were way too hyped when we heard that Snowboy Productions decided to bring the Holy Bowly to Sunshine Village this spring. A dream come true.

For weeks leading up to it, tons of hard working guys from all over were grinding away to make this huge set up possible. From everyone at SRD, thank you to everyone who helped build this incredible course. An even bigger thank you to Krush, the mastermind behind Snowboy Productions and the Holy Bowly.

Good ol' Alberta came through with pockets of sunlight almost everyday which we tried to make the most of. There were a couple times when it was so socked in we sat back and thought to ourselves "why are we even filming right now". Almost like clockwork, if we were to put away the camera, the sun would begin to fight through the clouds. Despite battling weather, we had an amazing week. See for yourselves.

Riding from Jake Whitburn, JJ Westbury, Finn Westbury, Tom O'Reilly, Kyle Larson, Manu Calvo, Stefan "Taco" Alverez, Jack Lawrence, Kennedi Deck, Ben Bilocq, Marty Vachon, Kody Yarosloski and Jacob Krugmire

Filmed by Matt Bryson, Finn Westbury and JJ Westbury

Edited by Finn Westbury


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