Stay High | Brin Alexander

The snowboarding is top notch, and the soundtrack is firing. What more could you ask for? New self-produced project from Brin Alexander is rough around the edges, and we love it. Red clips, iphone clips, gopro POV clips - throw it in the mix! This one has us excited to cruise around once the snow really starts to stack up.

"A snowboard video made by riders for riders. I suck at color correction and editing red footage. Some quality issues, but fck it. Its snowboarding and music I like."—Brin

Featuring: Brin Alexander, Jack Macdougall, Anders Liljedahl, Abel Shane Barriere, Keenan Filmer, Charles Verreault, Will Kovacic, Jack Dobson, Jason Fleury, Brennan Kurchak, Johan Rosen, Alastair Spriggs, and Jody Wachniak

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