Tango Echo November | The Manboys

'Tango Echo November' holds significance, beyond being a stellar snowboarding film, as also being the 10th film released by world-renowned Whistler-based crew the Manboys. The three-part video takes us from pillows to wedges, and everything in between, with feel-good filler clips and accompanying musical arrangements. It only makes sense that after a decade making films, that the latest one is the cream of the crop. 

The usual suspects (Jody, Belzile, Rasman, Beau) fire things up, with recent full-time recruits like Miskiman showing why they deserve to be part of the crew. These fellas are joined by a stellar list of guests, from Canadians such as Spencer O'Brien and Brin Alexander to international names like Blake Paul and Eric Jackson - among a slew of other great guest appearances. 

Featuring Jody Wachniak, Sean Miskiman, Matt Belzile, Chris Rasman, and Beau Bishop alongside appearances from Brin Alexander, Ryan Paterson, Blake Paul, Joel Loverin, Spencer O'Brien, Darcy Sharpe, Victor Daviet, and Eric Jackson. 

Filmed and Directed by Rusty Ockenden

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