TENNIS | A Snowboard Movie By Craig McMorris And Seb Judge

'TENNIS' just hit the web courtesy of Craig McMorris and Seb Judge. The short new video packages progressive riding alongside a nostalgic skit intro into a sub-10 minute timeline for rapid consumption and optimized rewatchability. Craig and Seb have been working together for years now, and we've come to expect a well-rounded snowboard flick from 'em. This year, they delivered as excepted, with some exciting additions to the roster on both the backcountry and street side of things.

Notably, Jack MacDougall get things poppin' with a heater clip for his first time off the Forum Stepdown. See for yourself...

Featuring Jack Macdougall, Ben Bilocq, Zac Hale, Tanner Davidson, Darcy Sharpe, and Craig McMorris

Filmed by Seb Judge, Tommy Doyle, and Hayden Rensch

Edited by Seb Judge

Graphics Kayli Hendricks

Supported by Red Bull, Lululemon, Oakley, and Skidoo.

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