The Bruners Movie, Teaser

This is the chapter after Nowamean's Renaissance. A fresh new start that fully represents who we have become troughout the years: a dinamic group of friends' who have learned how to work together and help each other, with common desire to produce the best snowboard video we can.

Much love

The Bruners family


Alex Gogo

Alexis Mailhot

Axel Stall

Chris Fellner

Emile Veilleux

L-p Dorval

Mas Seguin

Nic Roy

Russel beardsley

Realised and Produced by william jourdain & julien choiniere

title by sasha royal

Supported by: Billabong, Vonzipper, Vans, Ride, Thirtytwo, Fix, Empire, Homies, Instance and Beaverwax

Instagram: the_bruners

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