"Seymour is like no other resort I have ever ridden, so much fun terrain jam-packed into a few small chairs. Just a short drive from the city and only 15 minutes from my house. Each year, depending on the snowpack, things form differently and new ways of hitting stuff opens. Thus the mountain never seems to grow old. This tree is right off of Dark Run, a few hundred metres under Mystery Chair. When we shot this photo is was almost June, thanks to El Nino. ECS is the best there is when it comes to shooting photos with the homie: great eye, solid riding skills and a long history behind the trigger makes him a boarder’s favourite. If the trick is worth capturing, 9.5 times out of 10 Evan got the shot.Handplants, man. I have been a snowboard coach in many different capacities for the last decade. When you are out there all season every season, you have a lotta time to work on your low-impact game. Being 6” 6 may also play a role. Can’t stop, wont stop.” —Nic Heringa

“I shot this photo six weeks after Seymour closed for the season. We had been wanting to shoot a tree Handplant for a few years and finally, we decided to get it done at the end of May. Nic hiked and built this the day before which helped in my decision to hike up there in the heat, probably complaining most of the time. Even though we are neighbours and board a lot throughout the winter, this was the first photo we shot all year. Heringa lives his life like a bag in the wind and has the best board control of anyone I know. It has been crazy to see his transition from a young strange grom to a teacher, mentor, and creator of one of the best companies in snowboarding. Salmon Arms for life.” —Evan Chandler-Soanes


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