Are we dinosaurs? Are we dumb? Are we dumb dinosaurs? Good god, we made a snowboard movie. We followed the part song, part recipe snowboarders have been singing and dancing to for decades, and we made a snowboard movie. And since King Snow first bestowed its crown in 2008 we’ve always wanted this film to exist. Back in ’08, there were still many snowboard videos being produced. Canadian-based productions created by riders working together, showcasing their talents and creativity. But these movies are expensive to create and the social media free-streaming sinkhole of content changed the game. Somewhere between the costs associated and the takeover of Instagram, the 'classic' snowboard video formula lost some of its relevance.

Last fall, while locked inside the Canadian border, drunk amidst pandemic uncertainty, we knew it was now or never to make this film. We figured being late to the dance was better than not dancing at all. Of course, we hope the downward trend of full-length video scarcity changes, and more people invest in making future classic snowboard cinema. But we’re happy to have played our hand regardless of the outcome. Because for us as snowboarders, we’ve never seen progression as a vertical ascent. If we measure and compare constantly searching for the best, we’re destined to undervalue those who came before us. Those who shaped what we love about snowboarding today. Snowboarding has never been about the best. It’s always been about who’s doing it, how they do it, and why. With that in mind, we made this movie to see if we could and how it would look when we did. This is another way for us to support snowboarders and contribute to the culture. It would be nice to be indifferent about the end result. But we are goddamn proud of the snowboarders involved and those who captured their talents. We had a phenomenal group who worked their asses off to create a classic 30ish-minute snowboard feature. We hope you watch The King Snow Movie with friends. And rewatch it, and talk about it on chairlifts. The way we used to. Before we become extinct.

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