Board control, rail awareness, the proficiency is proven when Bryce hits the streets. Appreciate the subtilities Bryce posses that make snowboarding look this good.


How did you end up filming for The King Snow Movie?

I didn’t even know that The King Snow Movie was a thing or I had anything to do with it until Tommy [Van] told me he heard I was filming for it. [Laughs] I had heard nothing at that point, and I’m sure he had no idea he would be involved either. I think I found out a month or so later that I would be filming a part for sure.

You’re known for your parts with Put it in the Bowl. How was it to work with a couple of new riders on this film?

It didn’t feel much different, to be honest. Maria [Thomsen] and Craig [McMorris] weren’t strangers to me, and it was really sick to spend a season filming with them. In comparison to the Bowl crew, it was real similar. Everyone was hungry and busted their asses. The only luxury was everyone being able to travel and not have jobs limiting filming this year.

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Was it different from other projects you’ve filmed for?

The crew vibes were always high. Everyone was always fired up on getting everyone else a clip. I think I might have been the only one to have vibes not always at a high. The stress of getting enough footy for a full part sank in halfway through. The past few projects I filmed for didn’t have that stress for me. It was either a two-year project or a short video where I would only go and film for two or three weeks.

Are you happy with how your footage turned out?

By the end of it, I am extremely happy with how it turned out. I have a tendency to not be hyped on it during filming. But sitting down and watching it all at the end of the season puts it in better perspective. I rode the best that I could, and I can’t be mad at that.

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What are the biggest obstacles filming a video part in a winter?

Probably getting kicked out of spots and dealing with pissed-off people, which is entirely understandable. We had a real high kick-out rate in Calgary. Craig was really clutch at talking people into it and even making phone calls to property managers to let us hit spots. All things I am terrible at. He probably got us all a few extra clips.

“Bryce has the ability to battle. Every spot, he would get a trick, but he could battle for hours and hours. His perseverance through that was really special.” —CRAIG McMORRIS

What are you most hyped to see?

All the backcountry stuff. I got to see almost all the street footage in person that I know of and haven’t gotten any backcountry leaks yet. Really looking forward to it.

Why are snowboard videos important to the culture?

It’s the best way to express originality, creativity and style.

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