Premiere season has begun! Kicking things off in Whistler last night was The Manboys newest video titled PLANK. A classic Whistler-focused backcountry movie from the boys! A packed house at the Longhorn Saloon was hyped to see all the usual suspects continuing to raise the bar for style and progression, and it was a nice surprise to see a few new young faces in the mix. The night had a special guest, Erin Brooks, talking about and showing her film NO HESITATION. She is taking over the surfing world. No joke. Check out some of her videos.

Below is a short interview with PLANK's primary filmer and editor, Rusty Ockenden, along with a few photos of the Whistler premiere.

Words by Rob Lemay | Photos by Rob Lemay and The Manboys

How's Rusty doing these days? Are you getting the same "clip high" from behind the camera as you did in front of it?

I'm good man. Yeah dude, filming I still get that same clip high. It's exactly the same as riding except I don't have to hit the big scary thing. When someone lands something everyone huddles around the camera. As the filmer, you're just as excited to show it, as they are to see it.

What's your favourite part of the editing process? Is it laying down the timeline, or cutting clips? I feel like you would be pretty ruthless when it comes to chopping shots.

I hope I cut the right stuff. I think you know right away. Even as a rider you feel it deep down. You might want it to be a clip, but you know deep down it's just not that sick. As the editor, it's easier to be like it's not that sick, and it's gone.

For me, I have a hard time with that cause I like things too easily. I need someone to help me see when shots aren't as strong as I might think.

It's funny cause, one or two clips that suck can actually ruin a part. That's the clip that people will remember. "Ugh, that one clip sucked." You gotta be careful. Those guys trust me though. I've cut stuff that they might have been hyped on, but we've never really butted heads over it.

Where do you find your music?

I have a playlist every year that I put potential movie songs in. I asked the guys to do the same, but none of them do except for Jody. I think two of the songs were Jody's picks.

What are your biggest inspirations for making movies?

I just love snowboard movies even though it feels like a dying culture. With all the vertical filming and Instagram, I don't want to bend or break to that because I grew up with snowboard movies. Even if we're doing outdated shit, I'm just down. This whole crew, we're fucking lifers. It's all we're gonna do until someone tells us we're not allowed to anymore.

What's the idea for this winter?

Yeah, film more and integrate the young guys more. It's nice to see fresh guys in the mix. Sean (Miskiman) is full-on with us for sure. He's in the crew basically. I'd like to see Brin (Alexander) film more with us, and Coco (Coulton Conway) too.

Okay, my last question. You have the quote in your IG profile, "If you can't be safe, be careful." Where did you get that from and can you explain what it means to you?

It's something from my friend Dave Henkel. He told me that one day when I was going climbing, or something like that. When he passed, I saw that message again and it resonated, so I'm hanging on to that one. Thanks to the man Dave.

That's a good one for sure. What a legend. Thank you so much for doing this Rusty.

Right on Rob.

Do you have any thank-yous before we finish?

Yeah, all the sponsors, the riders, and everyone's girlfriends for being so understanding.
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