It's finally here, the third instalment of the Uninvited trilogy. We're sending a massive thank you to Jess Kimura and crew for making The Uninvited a reality, and a huge congratulations to all the girls involved. Wild to think that just a few short years ago these women struggled to find a platform for their riding– this is shredding that needs to be seen.

From The Uninvited: A labor of love presented by Jess Kimura and the final piece to The Uninvited trilogy.

Featuring Darrah Reid, Henna Ikola, Nora Beck, Maggie Leon, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Naima Antolin, Kaleah Opal, Grace Warner, Alexis Roland, Miyon Yamaguchi, Taylor Elliott, Himari Takamori, Corrine Pasela, Tsukimi Sato, Yurika Takikawa and many more!

Made possible by The North Face, Monster Energy, Ikon Pass, and Coal Headwear

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