THIS! From the opening scene to credits The Uninvited breaks in steals a half hour your time and leaves your jaw on the floor. These girls are crushing it.

Jess Kimura presents an all-girls snowboard film, featuring a talented group of up and comers with bigger hearts than budgets. Filmed over the past 2 seasons and mostly self-funded, these ladies are the future of snowboarding.

Featuring: Maria Thomsen, Miyon Yamaguchi, Kennedi Deck, Taylor Elliott, Darrah Reid, Alexa McCarty, Ylfa Runars, Karin Onozaki, Ivika Jurgenson, Laura Munro, Melissa Riitano, Anniina Perhovaara, & Madison Blackley.
Produced, directed, and funded by Jess Kimura
Editing and art direction by Troy Erickson
Creative direction by Ben Bilocq
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