This Is... Louif Paradis

We've always wanted to take a look into the psyche of one of the greatest snowboarders of our time, Louif Paradis. What makes him tick? What does he do to maintain his calm demeanour in a wide-variety of high consequence scenarios? Many of us have dwelled on these questions, and thanks to Dakine Snowboarding, we're rewarded with a look into his home life, and the choices, activities, and priorities that make him who he is!

Aside from traveling around the world chasing the upper-echelon of snowboard spots, Louif has done an exceptionally good job in creating a home-base about 25 clicks outside of Quebec City. The following video, documented by Raph Sévigny, beautifully captures life at home for Lou. If there is one thing this video leaves with us, it is inspiration.

Featuring: Louif Paradis

Friends: Seb Picard, Max Kennis, Ben Bilocq, Youri Desjardins-Cloutier, and Remy Fournier

Video: Raph Sévigny

Additional Footage and Photography: Josephy Roby

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