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Paid Programming proudly presents Tuesdays Child, a five-star film showcasing a refined crew of Canadian favourites, who all collectively decided this would be a good year to film their best footage yet. Amazing when things work out so well, and congratulations to all involved. 

This is a great all-Canadian street snowboarding film. Everyone came out absolutely swinging, on both sides of the camera. The spots are amazing - notably, the crew logs arguably the best showing of footage ever filmed in the Calgary downtown core. The sections of the video flow smoothly between each other, carefully led by the creative direction of Quin Ellul and Jesse Jarrett - both of whom, for the record, filmed standout section themselves. 

We are sure to have this one playing on repeat for months to come. 

Featuring: Jesse Jarrett, Dan Bubalo, Stefan (Taco) Alvarez, Kim Cote, Jenaya Jenkins, Manu Calvo, Conner Felix, Austin Johnson, Mark Goodall, Gregor Zed, and Quin Ellul

Filmed by: Alex Bielawski, Jesse Jarrett, Quin Ellul, and Pat Quesnel

Edited by Jesse Jarrett and Quin Ellul

Thumbnail Photo by Liam Glass

Article Feature Photo by Liam Glass

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