Nitro Snowboards comes correct with Vámonos!, a film that captures the spirit of an international snowboard team chasing adventure on their own terms. With last winter so dramatically affected by Covid, Nitro worked with the different factions of its team to plan regional shoots. The approach allowed riders to get creative to showcase their home turf, and what ensued is nothing short of mayhem.

From Nitro:

A short film based on the Nitro team ́s adventures through snowboarding. Snowboarders will snowboard, friends will laugh, adventures will inspire, even when things get crazy. In the end we did not set out to put together a collection of our teams best tricks, or coolest vibes, we set out to go out and snowboard together and have as much fun as possible. This past season was not a regular year by any means and this is not your average snowboard film.

The crew consists of Nitro team riders Elias Elhardt, Ludvig Billtoft, Sam Taxwood, Nils Arvidsson, Yanneck Konda, Jared Elston, Griffin Seibert, Celia Petrig, Bob Plumb, Sam Taxwood, Jared Elston, Joel Loverin, Bruce Johnson, Keith Martin, Seb Grodin, Melina Merkhoffer, Tom Tramnitz, Bryan Fox, Jeremy Jones, Yung Doli, and many more...

A film by Karsten Boysen Music by Yves Ardelt

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