For the 2nd year of “Views”, Spencer O’Brien’s spring jump session, the ladies switched venues heading East into, Alberta. Sunshine Village hosted the crew who consisted of Spencer O’Brien, Jamie Anderson, Enni Rukajarvi, Cheryl Maas, Yuka Fujimori and Jess Rich. In the midst of Olympic Qualifiers and a steady stream of events, Spencer aimed to create an event where the ladies could let go of the stress of competition and just ride. The crew made the most of the few weather windows they got on the perfect 70 foot jump nestled into the Canadian Rockies. The end result is Views From the Village.

Video | Russell Chai, Aaron Leyland, Nate Laverty 

Titles | Tyler Quarles / King Snow

Photos | Crispin Cannon

Sunshine spencer obrien
Crispin Cannon Photo
I got a lot of great opportunities riding for various sponsors to be a part of photo shoots in parks with these massive, awesome jumps. Many of those times I was the only girl there, but I always felt that was where I could push myself and progress the most. I felt like I was given these really great opportunities progress, but a lot of other girls weren't. So I just wanted to create that same opportunity for other women and see what could happen, because I just knew if you put a good crew on a good jump, really amazing things were going to happen. - Spencer O'brien 
Sunshine jessica rich
Crispin Cannon Photo
Watching the girls was so motivating for me, I came away from it having learned so much from these girls who I already deeply respect. I also really appreciating how lucky we are to get to do this stuff everyday. - Jess Rich
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