World Records Smashed at Swatch Nines

Swatch Nines wrapped with Valentino Guseli and Canadian Brooke D'Hondt setting world records for the biggest airs on "The Perfect Hip." The bar has been literally set at 37.7 feet on the men's side and 23.9 feet for women. It's a world world. Read on for more.

Brooke D’Hondt established the first official record for highest hip air in women’s snowboarding. She reached a height of 7.3 meters (23.9 feet), setting a formidable new bar for the female side of the sport.
“I always wanted to come to this event, and having a bigger hip feature is kind of playing to my strengths,”said D’Hondt. “It definitely does not get easier standing up there. Especially the first one of the day, it’s just as scary as the first time ever hitting it. But the feeling of stomping it, nothing beats it.”

Valentino Guseli of Austria flew to a height of 11.5 meters (37.7 feet), topping Christian Haller’s record of 11.3 meters (37.1 feet), also from 2016.
“I was just going as big as I could,” said Guseli. “I’d say it’s the biggest hip I ever hit. And the thing that’s gnarly about it is, when you first hit it, you already have to go big.”

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