WSSF Halaw Snowboard Big Air in Whistler, BC went down under sunny skies with aprés vibes. 16 invited men and women went toe-to-toe for a whopping 50K in prize money.

The jump was sculpted to perfection, but the soft snow added an undeniable element that continued to plague riders throughout the night. Speed was an issue and the landing was bombarded with ankle-high divots.

Riders were given 5 jumps to spin 2 different directions, judges kept the best 2 scores. Those who landed earlier in the session while the jump was fresh ended up rising to the top.

Jack Macdougall stomped a Triple Underflip and a Backside Triple 1440 to take the win over Mark McMorris who had the single highest scoring air of the day.

Jasmine Baird stunned decorated pros Julia Merino, Laurie Blouin and Jamie Anderson stomping a Underflip 540 and Backside 720 in the tricky conditions to take the W.

Check the full results below and don't miss Monster Boarderstyle today on Blackcomb Mountain.

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