The Big Bang—it kicked this universe off 13.7 billion years ago. A fresh 4.4 billion years ago the Earth became a planet. Today we fly through space and time at 110,000 kilometres per hour. Rotating at a rate of 1,670 km/h. Revolving our everything: the sun. A meagre star that’s just one of 30-billion-trillion stars in our observable universe. We are nothing but flesh-bound bone and muscle on a spec in time and space. In comparison to the universe, our life serves no purpose.

Nor have our experiences prepared us for wrapping our heads around our universe’ infinitancy. Instead, we obsess over making the most of our meaningless existence. We snowboard and ensure we are prepared for when snow hits the mountains and streets that surround us. Our time on this planet is as short as it is pointless. Go snowboarding and be happy. Nothing else matters.

Welcome to the future of snowboard product.


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