Ahem... good evening! Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family, teachers, students, and most of all Graduates of King Snow High, Class of 2020. Welcome to the portion of the program where we’ve stumbled into the role of valedictorian to introduce the finest product available for the upcoming season.

First, we will be blunt: no advice will be given in this speech. And we will be brief: this speech will come in way under our allotted time. We will remain as we have for these past four years, a constant and commit- ted underachiever. Alas, many others could give gear guide advice, those experienced in sales, the cap-con- struction educated, a product engineer. And while other magazines may take time to sprinkle awards upon these products, deeming one superior to the next. “This binding here is a notch above!” Nonsense. Not us. As our formative years were invested skipping class to duck ropes and as in class, we haven’t been paying close attention. And who are we to judge? Let’s be real, riding is fun, and it doesn’t matter what equipment you’re getting down on. As long as it works and suits your needs, you’re good to go.

We will tell you this: the gear you see before you is as good as it gets. It has ridden beneath the feet of greatness. By pros that know. This is a curated collection of boards, boots and bindings comprised from decades of learning and application. Created by brands persistent in pursuit of perfection, bettering them- selves (and each other) year after year, bringing forth the most premium product available on the planet today.

So, congratulations my fellow classmates. If you’ve graduated from your old setup there’s no better time in history to be in the market for a new one. Be proud of yourselves, and most importantly—don’t let the past four seasons be the best of your life. Make this winter your finest yet... be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!

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